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As an employer you have specific payroll responsibilities that are required by federal, state, and/or local government agencies. Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to, withholding amounts from employees’ compensation for income tax, social security, Medicare, and garnishments such as child support. 
How does CGHH help my business?
We divide our payroll services into the following two categories:
Payroll Accounting For a specific fee per employee based on weekly or bi-weekly pay periods, this department will:
1) Calculate employee earnings and deductions and generate payment by check or EFT to the employee.
2) Prepare quarterly withholding tax returns and initiate your payments to the appropriate government 
3) Record all payroll activity and provide you with corresponding payroll reports.
4) Prepare and file employee W-2 forms.
Payroll Administration This department is designed to address the managerial aspects of payroll management.
1) Maintain personnel and payroll records for all employees.
2) Insure you are in compliance with all employment rules and regulations.
Payroll records may be consolidated into other reports generated and maintained in our Accounts Management and Income Tax services.