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Accounts Management

Accounts Receivable and Invoicing
How does CGHH help my business?
Effective accounts receivable and invoicing management is crucial to a business’s financial health. If a business has too many accounts receivable, It may not have the cash it needs to pay its bills today. 
Our Services Include:
1) Preparing Invoices using QuickBooks
2) Maintaining Accounts Receivable records
3) Sending periodic Accounts Receivable statements
4) Collecting and Posting payment of Invoices
5) Informing client through Customized Accounts Receivable reports


"CGHH Professional Services does more than just bookkeeping – and we should know!  WebRevelation has been utilizing them for Invoicing, Payroll, and Collections for 5 years, and it has allowed us to focus on our business instead of these time consuming tasks!"
Julie Short, Managing Partner of WebRevelation
Accounts Payable
How does CGHH help my business?
It is crucial to accurately track and manage accounts payable so that the business can effectively manage its cash flow and stay financially healthy.

Our Services Include:
1) Organizing Accounts Payable data using QuickBooks
2) Tracking Outstanding Bills
3) Paying and Posting payments
4) Informing client through Customized Accounts Payable reports
  What are Accounts Receivable and Invoicing? What is Accounts Payable?